Terms and Conditions

Applicability of the Terms:

All bookings make with ABFord, LLC are subject to the following terms and conditions, therefore, by making a booking with Micro Ranch Petting Zoo you agree that you are legally bound by the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply not only to the persons who complete the booking but every other person on behalf of whom the booking is completed.

Please read them carefully:

Contractual Ability:

By entering this contract with Micro Ranch Petting Zoo you verify that you are at least 18 years old, and you are eligible of participating in a contract according to the applicable law.


A payment in full of $300/first hour including set up/tear down. $100/ each additional hour.

Cancellations and Reschedules:

Micro Ranch Petting Zoo will allow rescheduling of the event (if dates are available) 2 weeks prior (14 days) to the scheduled event.

Events will be held rain or shine so we recommend having a secondary covered location such as a porch, shop, garage, etc.

All other Cancellations incuring in the 2 week window leading up to the event will be charged the full price.

Micro Ranch Petting Zoo has the right to cancel any event, or portion of any event, due to circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to: discrepancies in or lack of communication between the parties, verbal and /or physical abuse to our workers or animals, overly intoxicated subjects within the working vicinity of animals and/or employees, and use or presence of illegal substanves within the vicinity of animals and/or employees, and any circumsstance in which Micro Ranch Petting Zoo emplyees and /or property is placed in danger or risk of damage or injury.  Event Cancellations resulting from Circumstanes beyond the control of Micro Ranch Petting Zoo will be considered fulfilled and no refund will be issued.

Additional Event Time or Events Ending Early:

Additional time will incur additional fees, assuming the entity is not already booked for the requested additional time.  These additional fees will be added to your previous event balance and must be paid immediately upon request.  We CANNOT guarantee that we will be able to add time to your event the day of unless you have scheduled in advance as we often have several bookings a day.  Events ending early, at the request of the client, will not be refunded of prorated for the time balance.  In the event a client chooses to end services early, Micro Ranch Petting Zoo will consider the event fulfilled.

Right To Refuse Service:

Our staff and their safety are of the utmost importance to us.  If we feel at any given time that our safety or the safety of our animals has been compromised or if we have entered a colatile situation, are abused physically, emotionally and/or sexually harassed in any way, we have the right to refuse service and will exit the premises immediately.  It is the responsibility of the customerto make sure that no persons are overly intoxicated, and use of illegal substances are present during the event.  Under these circumstances, you will be liable for full payment of the contracted events whether we have fulfilled the required time or not.


Micro Ranch Petting Zoo will arrive 30-40 mins prior to the start time of the event.  If for any reason we are running late we will stay for the contracted lenth of time once we set up.If your booking is 2 hours, we will stay the entire 2 hours once set-up in complete.

Micro Ranch Petting Zoo is not responsible for damage/injury to people, animals, property, cars, trees, branches, bushes, grass, flowers, sprinkler system components, potted plants, etc.  It is the responsibility of the client, or person entering into this agreement, to ensure the set-up location and conditions are onducive to the requested services and set up requirements.

It is the responsiblity of the client to reserve and provide the necessary space, access, and legal permissions needed to accomodate the contracted services (i.e., distance and space for vehicles). In the event set-up in delayed for absence of appropriate accommodations, set-up time will be deducted from your reserved event time.

I understand that the activities, conducted by Micro Ranch Petting Zoo, may cause serious injury or damage, including bodily injury and /or personal property damage.  On behalf of myself, my guests, the property owner, and my relatives, I waive all claims for damages and/or injury for mysef, my property, or third party property theat may have against the mentioned party (Micro Ranch Petting Zoo) to said activity.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I assume any risk, and all responsibility, and waive any claim to personal injury or death, or damage to personal property, or damage to any third-party property resulting from my instructions or request, that may occur during the exevution of the contracted activity.

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